Florin Florea, the president of Romanian Athletics Federation

Until I had the current position, I was actively involved in the Romanian athletic phenomenon and one of my dreams was to bring more international competitions in Romania. Saying is easy, doing is much harder!  But fortunately, due to hard work of the team from Romanian Athletics Federation, in recent years, the international athletic activity increased! We have managed to host in  Romania a series of international competitions that have opened both our appetite and the doors to bigger events!
I am proud to be the head of the organizing team at the Romanian Athletics Federation and I know that I strive to do a perfect job, so I am preparing to welcome you to probably the most wonderful Balkan Mountain Running Championship ever organized!
Enjoy the fresh air of Poiana Brasov, relax and have a good race.
May the best ones win!

George Scripcaru, the mayor of Braşov

Brasov, the city located in the heart of our special country, has always been an exceptional tourist destination and an active sports center. The sporting results over the years have not been lacking, therefore, the investment in sports has been and is an absolute necessity which I, and my entire local team, have always tried to maintain.

In Brasov you will find champions of all ages, from all sports, Olympic or non-Olympic. For all those who will compete, I wish our wonderful city Brasov to bring you good luck and get what you are looking for, reach the peaks of glory and win the gold medal.

Our organizing team made every effort for you to have the best conditions for the competition so that the focus on the race was maximum.
Good luckt

Adrian Veştea, president of County Council

My position obliges me to ensure the best conditions, to support and to help in perpetuity the development of Brașov county, whether we are talking about roads, hospitals or sports infrastructure. The success of the construction of the trampolines from Râșnov is the proof that  we can invest in sports, that the things for which I militate are real, possible and they  can be called even indispensable. For this reason, I strongly believe that this type of international sports competition in our area will help to develop the community and inspire the children of our citizens to do sports, and why not, to become great champions like you. I think a strong community is built with strong models, from the earliest ages. The more champions we have in the multitude of existing domains, the easier this community will build a bright future.

I warmly welcome you in Brașov and I wish you all to achieve your goals, because it is possible with us!

Iulia Găinariu, head of the Organizing Committee

The opportunity to organize this event in Poiana Brasov is an exceptional chance both for us as organizers, because we can offer you the best conditions and standards for your comfort, as well as for you, because you will certainly have an unforgettable experience!

As a former athlete, practicing the mountain running, I thought of the whole event from a double perspective: both of the organizer related with things I would like to offer you, as well as the competitor, of what I would like to receive. 

I hope that your expectations will be fulfilled and that you will have a great time during your stay in Brasov!

We want this event to define great memories of a balkan mountain running championship! An event that you will fondly remember as an adventure in Poiana Brasov with unforgettable stories!

I wish you a good race and enjoy every step of the way on our trails.

Good luck to all!

Race Director, Laura Pazari 

On behalf of the organizing team and mine, I wish you first of all, Welcome to Brasov!

Officially, you are in one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, surrounded by a wild nature ready to energize you with its splendid landscapes.

We want to tell you that we have endeavored to do everything perfectly for you, so that the experience you will be living to be one of the most exquisite so far.

We wish you an exceptional race and do not hesitate to rely on us. We’re here for you!

A wonderful race for everyone!