Start area: Poiana Brasov Stadium
Take a tour of the stadium, then exit on the central street, at the main entrance and turn right.

Description of the route:
It runs on the road in a slight climb, it passes near the Teleferic Hotel on the left and the Edelweiss hotel on the right, and next to the barrier it enters the ski area. 

Climb to the left of the slope where the direction to the left will change, crossing the forest to the Bradul slope. 

Once you reach the slope Bradul turn right and continue with a simplified portion in a slight ascent to the central area of the ski area. 

At the end of this halfway, turn left and start a climb up the slope of Sulinar, an area popularly called “The Sulinar Canal”.

After recording a large curve of the slope to the right, at the first fork, turn right (the variant that comes from the lake to Sulinar) and continue climbing until you reach an open alpine area under the lake of accumulation of the ski area. 

Continue climbing on the left side of the lake, bypass the lake, this area representing the area of return and start of the descent portion on the Red Road slope. 

Pass through the lower boarding area of the seat that is left on the left and descend on the track following the main road until you reach the lower boarding area of the cable car. 

Turn left and descend onto the Stadion slope.

At the middle of the stadium, you enter through the right side towards the finish line located on the athletic stadium, identical to the start area.

Finish: Poiana Brasov Stadium